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Shipbuilding customers demand the highest quality. These great expectations make outfitting an operation for the specialists. Creating a pleasant, comfortable environment for crew and passengers on cruise ships, container vessels or frigates is a task with complex requirements. Weight, space, acoustics, fire regulations and cost are just some of the factors which KAEFER considers when designing the insulation.

The smooth installation of large numbers of cabin units within short time frames is a logistical and technical challenge. We meet that challenge with specially trained fitters, with particular expertise in passenger ships, who:

  • Deliver high-quality, precisely dimensioned materials and finishing
  • Realise interior architects’ and owners’ visions
  • Meet fire-rating, acoustic and weight requirements

We can perform the most demanding assignments. Starting with the bare metal, we construct the insulation, piping, air ducts, and electrical equipment according to an exact schedule. We then assemble the prefabricated cabins and establish all connections and corridors for turnkey delivery. We can also supply the complete cabin system for smaller ships or suites and install it on site.

To date, KAEFER has installed almost 20,000 cabins on well-known cruise ships, including modular or traditionally built crew and passenger cabins, and luxury suites.