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Insulation for Nuclear Facilities

Taking the tailored approach to nuclear insulation.

Operators and manufacturers of nuclear power plants are very demanding in terms of safety, reliability, quality and functionality when it comes to building, maintaining and repairing their facilities. KAEFER meets these stringent demands with high-performance insulation and fire-protection systems and offers a wide variety of dedicated solutions to its customers. Depending on the location and the specifications, full metal insulation, cassette insulation or mattress insulation is used, as well as specially developed and tested fire-protection systems.

KAEFER has established an excellent reputation amongst nuclear power plant operators worldwide. KAEFER engineers are on site in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, France, Switzerland and Finland. In Olkiluoto, Finland, KAEFER engineers and technicians from France, Finland and Germany are currently working together on the construction of the first European pressurised water reactor (EPR). KAEFER is responsible for insulating the cover of the reactor’s pressure vessel and the primary loop.

Qualified KAEFER insulation systems for Nuclear Power Plants

Reflective metal insulation
Rigid boxes made of stainless steel sheets and assembled by resistance spot welding
Filled only with stainless steel foils

Connected by quick release fasteners


Reflective Metal Insulation sample
Reflective metal insulation
Cassette insulation
Rigid boxes made of stainless steel sheets and assembled by resistance spot welding
Filled with fiber material (totally encapsulated w/o dust pollution)
Connected by quick release fasteners


Cassette insulation sample
Cassette insulation
Mattress insulation
Soft blankets made of glas fiber cloth and assembled by glas fiber thread
Filled with fiber material

Connected by hook and loop fasteners (velcro)


Mattress insulation sample
Mattress insulation

Our services & solutions for nuclear power plants

  • Over 30 years of expertise and experience
  • Individual 3D design
  • Fully customisable insulation systems developed in house, without restrictions
  • Tested for LOCA conditions and thermal properties without restrictions
  • Fully reproducible documentation
  • Highest fabrication quality thanks to KAEFER standardisation
  • No limits in terms of customer requirements
  • Pre-assembly and inspection before shipment
  • Final approval of each module by the engineering department and by client representatives
Site activities
  • Easy and secure handling during outages
  • Simple planning for inspections and maintenance work while in service
  • Reduction of down time
  • Lower collective dose rates for personnel
  • High performance systems adaptable to existing insulation
Main steam collector above the steam generator
Insulation of main steam collector
Pump insulation
Pump insulation